Reign of Brutality



Reign of Brutality… oh boy, this one is good.

WHAT IS IT? For the next 12 weeks, you get to train more efficiently and harder than you ever have before. Behind this program I have Next Level training ques for each exercise, varying RPE strategies that are laid out for you to easily understand and execute, I have every day as a different challenge with different goals for you to CRUSH to ensure we’re adding more tension along with intensity over time – this program is something I’m really proud of and an extremely accurate measurements on a day of training with me.
OUR FOCUS: a high-frequency training approach to force adaptation and give your CNS something NASTY to respond to
WHOS THIS FOR? This won’t be for the faint of heart or those without a competitive drive. You’re going to need some serious fortitude, you’re going to need some serious drive, and you’re going to need to have the willpower to make sh*t happen. This one is awesome – BUT a program is only as good as its execution. This is for competitors both in and out of prep, for general lifestyle training Men and Women who want to achieve their best physical self yet, and for anyone and everyone looking for a real challenge.
WHAT DO I NEED? Access to a well-equipped gym and some fortitude. Some days you’ll be in and out in 35 minutes (depending on your rate of recovery), other days it might take you 80minutes to complete. Again, the duration depends on your Rate of Recovery, which is spoken about within the programming.
Be ready, Men and Women, you’re about to achieve the best results you’ve ever achieved before. Your body may hate me now, but in 12 weeks when you report back to me it’s going to thank me and love me.
Let’s get after it and get your mind right. It’s time to attack and it’s time to do what #TeamMihaly does – TAKE IT NEXT LEVEL
Best of luck, see you on the other side!

***This is just a training program. There will be no direct coaching involved.
***Upon purchase, your file should automatically download and you will be granted access to it. If it does not, email us at

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